4 Things to Consider Before Installing Radiant Floor Heating in Your San Diego Home

4 Things to Consider Before Installing Radiant Floor Heating in Your San Diego HomeA radiant heating system can be a great way to keep your house warm and comfortable in the winter while still saving energy. Most commonly installed in the floor, the hot air rises, heating your entire home. If you’re considering installing radiant floor heating in your San Diego home, here are four things to consider:

1. Where to Install

The most common place to install radiant heating is in your floor, where it’s most effective. However, putting it in will involve tearing up your existing floor and putting it back, which can be time-consuming, expensive, and inconvenient. You may also consider putting it in a wall, which still involves a bit of work on the house, but might be an easier job and cause less upheaval. However, it may not be as effective.

2. New Home or Remodel

Installing radiant heating is a fairly extensive task. Therefore, perhaps the best time to consider installing is when you’re already planning on doing extensive work on your house. Maybe you’re doing a remodel, adding a new room, or even building a whole new home. Installing radiant heating while your home is already in construction upheaval allows you to get it done without adding extra hassle.

3. Flooring Type

Radiant floor heating works by warming up the floor itself, which in turn warms the rest of the room. Therefore, in order for it to work, your floor needs to be able to conduct heat well. Ceramic tile, wood, and stone floors are best in this regard.

4. Patience

A radiant heating system isn’t like a furnace, where you flip a switch and immediately feel warm air. It takes time for the heat to build up – possibly a couple of days. Once it does, you can enjoy the heat all season. But if you’re away a lot, or don’t spend much time at home, you won’t get as much benefit out of radiant floor heating.

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