Anita G. – San Diego, Ca

Our A/C was installed a few years ago by Sherlock. Today, the digital thermostat panel went blank, and our TV stopped working. A circuit breaker was tripped. I called to see if they could figure out why the thermostat was tripping the circuit, or disconnect it until the scheduled Friday appt., so we could watch TV. Matt from Sherlock came out to tell me how to do that, as he was in the area.??He decided to investigate a little, as there was no power at all to the furnace, not just the thermostat. After a lot of investigating, he heard a “pop”, and found an outlet in our living room was damaged and smelled like it had burned. He said he could fix it, but would need to move it a little, as there was no “give” in the wire. After he cut in to the wall, he discovered wet insulation. He then went to the other side of the wall, which is in the garage, and cut in and found a leaky copper pipe, which was running down the wire and causing the problem. Needless to say, Matt probably saved us from our house catching fire! What was supposed to be a quick fix until Friday turned into a 5+ hr. job, fixing the leaky pipe, fixing the electrical, and getting us back up and running with only a few holes to be patched and painted.?? Matt went above and beyond, and we are really grateful to him for everything, and would recommend this company to anyone! They are extremely honest and reliable.