I came home from out of town to find that my upstairs heating unit wasn’t working. The thermostat was not functioning at all. I looked online and did some troubleshooting myself but to no avail.

I looked online at reviews of local HVAC repair companies. I left a message for one company that never even bothered to respond. After discussing it with my wife, I decided to call Sherlock Heating and Air Conditioning. Kerri answered the phone and did a great job of taking the time to understand my situation. Originally they couldn’t get a technician out to my house right away but Kerri said she’d call if they could get someone out the next day.

>She called me this morning to say she had a tech that could come over right away. 10-15 minutes later Matt B. showed up at my door. I was pleasantly surprised that he was able to accurately diagnose my problem in no time. He was clean, courteous, and professional. We agreed upon the repair and he fixed it as promised. He did a great job. The job came with a couple of small challenges, but Matt handled them with professionalism and ease. He made sure my heater worked, and that I understood how to work my new thermostat (that he quickly programmed for me).

From my initial call through the completion of the repair and final bill, Sherlock did a great job! I definitely recommend them.