A UV Light System Can Make All The Difference In your Indoor Air


Are you looking for a way to reduce the likelihood of illness and allergy symptoms in your Carlsbad home this season? While no foolproof methodology exists to eradicate bacteria, viruses and mold spores from your home, using a UV light system can decrease the presence of these types of contaminants.

If you or your family members are particularly sensitive to viruses, mold or bacteria, then UV (ultraviolet) lights are the ideal solution. You see, UV lights specifically address these three types of pollutants, using powerful technology that mimics the sun’s UV rays.

Here’s how it works:

When a bacteria, mold or virus cell comes into contact with the UV rays, the powerful rays zap the cell at its molecular core, targeting the DNA. The lights move deep into the core of the cell, essentially destroying the bonds of the DNA. Once these bonds are disrupted or broken, the cell can’t reproduce, so it’s no longer a threat to your indoor air quality.

Choosing a whole-house UV light system is ideal, as it offers several key advantages:

  • It will clean the air in your entire home. The process is simple: As the airstream moves through the HVAC equipment, it also passes through the UV rays.
  • Installed alongside the HVAC system, there’s no risk of human exposure to its rays—unless someone deliberately interferes with the equipment.
  • It requires little maintenance, except for changing the UV bulb, generally required every year or two.

When purchasing a UV light system, be sure to evaluate the benefits of selecting a unit that’s installed in-duct or on the coil. The latter may be a more effective method of ridding the air of contaminants, with the added perk of keeping your HVAC system’s coil clean, increasing its overall efficiency potential and heating/cooling capacity.


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