Clearing Out Creepy Crawlers: Bug Proof Your Home’s HVAC Unit

If you’re like most homeowners, you have problems with bugs getting into your home on occasion. These pesky creatures are not only “gross”, but can carry germs and disease. Some will even get into your HVAC unit and clog up the air filter. So, how do you bug proof your home? We suggest that you follow these simple tips.

Tip #1: Seal Gaps Around Your HVAC Unit

If your home has a window unit, there’s a good chance that gaps big enough for small critters to fit through are letting them inside. You can fix this by using weather stripping or other sealant method to keep them out.

Tip #2: Use a Mesh Screen on Your HVAC Unit

Some bugs will get in through the vents on your system. Of course, you can’t just close the vents since that’s how you’re cooling off the house. Instead, pick up some mesh screen, cut it to the desired size, and tape it against the vent. Just remember to replace it every once in a while as bugs accumulate on the screen.

Tip #3: Seal the Edges of Doors and Windows

The edges around your doors and windows are a perfect place for bugs to slip through. Depending on the size of the problem area, you’ll need to seal them up with either weather stripping, spray foam, or caulk. And if you want to tackle cracks and gaps throughout your home, call on the help of a professional technician to help find the problem areas.

Tip #4: Keep Your Yard Clean

Arachnids and insects thrive in debris, so if your yard is unkempt, you can bet they’ll be everywhere. Standing water is a problem, too, because of bugs like mosquitoes and gnats. The solution here is simple: clean up piles of leaves and debris, and remove any water from the yard.

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