Dealing with Common Furnace Issues? Use these Tips

furnace maintenance


Now that you’re using your furnace on a regular basis, there’s a small chance that you may run into a few trouble spots during its operation. Fortunately, it’s easy to troubleshoot many of these issues on your own. The following highlights a few of these common furnace issues and how you can successfully troubleshoot and even repair them.

  • If it produces no heat – Make sure the thermostat is actually set to “heat.” If that doesn’t work, try moving the thermostat setting up or down a few degrees. Don’t forget to check the circuit breaker and the pilot, as well as the control valve for the furnace’s fuel supply.
  • If it doesn’t produce enough heat – Check the air filter and if it’s clogged, replace it with a fresh one. If that doesn’t work, have your HVAC technician check and readjust the burners.
  • If it turns on and off too frequently – Check and adjust the thermostat heat anticipator, if necessary. You might also want to check the blower motor for proper lubrication and belt tension.
  • If the blower fan does not turn off – Make sure the fan isn’t set to run continuously. If the thermostat has no fan setting, check for a faulty fan limit control switch.
  • If the pilot light goes out – There are many causes that could result in a blown-out pilot light. Check the immediate area for strong drafts. Also, check the gas tube for signs of dirt and debris. You’ll also want to make sure the thermocouple is working properly.


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