Furnace Tune Up Special Just in Time for the Cold Weather in San Diego

During the heating season, when you use your furnace the most, you need to make sure that you remember the importance of routine system maintenance and furnace repair for your safety and comfort.

That’s why, this time of year, we have a furnace special that makes getting your furnace inspected, cleaned and ready for the season easy. Our Sherlock Air Furnace Tune-Up is available during this promotional period (now through February 28, 2015) for only $59. This furnace special includes a twenty-five point inspection, system cleaning and calibration, and a $25 coupon on future service from us.


When Do I Need Furnace Repair?


There are a few signs that signal you may need furnace repair, and we want to make sure all of our local homeowners can spot them. If you are having trouble maintaining the temperature that you set; if your furnace is making loud sounds like banging, whining or groaning; if you have noticed a spike in your energy bill that you can’t attribute to changes in your usage habits, you need furnace repair.

Other signs that there are problems with your furnace that require repair include a yellow pilot light and poor indoor air quality. You may suspect changes to the quality of the air in your home if you have noticed that you or members of your household have been sneezing, coughing, or having an unusual allergy or asthma symptoms.

If you notice these or other signs, like a furnace that has trouble kicking on or staying on, contact us for immediate furnace repair in Vista, Ca.


How Does the Sherlock Air Furnace Special Help Me Keep My Home Comfortable?


As part of furnace repair and our furnace tune-up, we clean, adjust and calibrate your home thermostat, check for air leaks and inspect the blower wheel and other parts of your furnace for cleanliness and function. A properly calibrated thermostat, combined with a heating system that has been cleaned and repaired, will give you a comfortable, steady temperature throughout your home.

Additionally, replacing and cleaning air filters in your heating system helps to keep the air clean and purified throughout your home. More than just helping to remove dust and other particles from the air for improved indoor air quality, cleaning and replacing air filters as part of a furnace tune-up helps to prevent fires and other safety issues that can be caused by air filters that are dirty or broken.

How Does a Furnace Tune-Up Keep My House, Safer?

A furnace tune-up helps to keep your home safe from electrical dangers and gas leaks, as well as fire hazards that result from a furnace that has failed to undergo maintenance. Our Vista Ca furnace repair professionals check for gas leaks, look at gas pressure and note temperature rise. Included in the furnace special, they also inspect fan belts, pulleys, and wiring, and check the inverter box and vent system.

As part of our twenty-five point furnace tune-up, and with all furnace repair and maintenance services, we check and clean the burners, manifold, and burner display, and clean and vacuum the furnace and heat exchanger.

For fire prevention, we also check for combustible materials at or near your furnace, we check burner combustion and inspect the operation of safety controls.

Sherlock Air Furnace Tune Up in Vista, Ca: Details

  • $59 Furnace Special
  • 25-Point Furnace Tune-Up Inspection
  • System Cleaning and Calibration
  • $25 Coupon on Future Service from Sherlock Heating and Air

Our heating season furnace special in Vista, Ca is an affordable, smart way to get the kind of maintenance you need now to avoid potentially costly and dangerous furnace repair issues in the future. Be sure to contact us soon. Our furnace special ends February 28, 2015

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