HVAC Maintenance Now Means Less Trouble Later

Your HVAC system is just like any other complicated system of machinery, as it requires ongoing maintenance if you want to to function smoothly. The most convenient way for most homeowners to maintain their system is by using a yearly maintenance service that local HVAC professionals offer.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Whether you have the experience to do it yourself or you hire a professional, there are many benefits of yearly HVAC maintenance:

  • Reduced utility bills. Most pieces of equipment run less efficiently as they get older. Maintenance will reduce or eliminate performance reduction and keep utility bills low.
  • Better air. Having clean filters and a proper functioning blower motor is imperative to circulating air and cleaning out harmful particles.
  • Longer lifespan. While it may seem like maintenance is costing you money, it will save you money in the long run. A well maintained HVAC system will last much longer than if you run it into the ground.
  • Fewer emergencies. When you rely on an HVAC system for comfort, a big malfunction is not only costly but inconvenient as well. With professional maintenance you will spot potential issues and fix them before an emergency arises.

What to Expect During a Maintenance Visit

Depending on the service you get, your technician will do slightly different things, but a standard visit usually includes:

  • Lubricating moving parts (mostly in motors)
  • Checking condensate drains to see if it’s plugged
  • Tighten electrical connections for safety and performance
  • Make sure all HVAC controls function correctly
  • Check thermostat settings and function
  • Inspecting your air conditioner, heat pump or furnace for any issues causing inefficiencies

Most services will also replace your disposable air filter if you use one, but you should also be doing this along with other simple maintenance tasks throughout the year.

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