HVAC Warranties 101: What Homeowners Need


One of the best ways to protect new heating or cooling systems, besides engaging in regular maintenance, is HVAC warranties. With a solid warranty, you can ensure that should something go wrong with your equipment, you’re protected from costly repairs or replacements.

Even the best high-quality equipment can experience problems because the electrical equipment is prone to failure due to their complex, highly technical components. And if you keep your system regularly maintained–a factor that most HVAC warranties require–you can fall back on that warranty to help cover the cost.

Lennox, one of the most reputable manufacturers of heating, cooling, ventilation and indoor air quality equipment, offers several HVAC warranties to suit most homeowners’ needs.

Lennox offers a basic warranty, which doesn’t even require that you register, on the following systems:

  • Signature Collection includes parts and compressor coverage for 10 years, and 20 years on the system’s heat exchanger.
  • Elite Series warranty provides coverage of 5 years for parts, 10 years for the compressor and 20 years for the exchanger.
  • The Merit Series provides the same coverage as the Elite warranty, with the exception of 5 years for the compressor.

You also have the option of purchasing extended HVAC warranties from Lennox dealers. In addition to basic warranty coverage, you can get:

  • Limited extended warranty, offering 10 years for the parts and compressor (for Elite and Merit products), and limited lifetime coverage for the heat exchanger (Merit series only).
  • Complete Care Plus is available as an extended warranty, which includes repair coverage on any brand of HVAC equipment, no deductible costs, transferability to a new homeowner and a variety of additional options for covering parts and labor.

If you’ve always suspected that HVAC warranties are a sham, consider the value that a warranty will offer, especially since purchasing heating and cooling equipment requires that you front a sizable amount of money. Furthermore, ensuring that your investment is protected will help you maximize your investment.


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