Prepare Your San Diego Home for Fall With This Maintenance Checklist


The San Diego area is famous for its weather – beautiful sunny skies and year-round moderate temperatures. Even without a harsh winter season, however, there are certain things you should do to ensure proper fall home maintenance. Don’t let the cooler months sneak up on you without tending to your home’s needs.

This fall home maintenance checklist will get your home in great shape:

  • Check for air leaks – Air leaks from doors and windows can contribute to the inefficient heating and cooling of a home. Check for air leaks by moving your hand around the frame on a cooler day and install caulk or weatherstripping to any leaks you discover. You can also walk around the inside of your home’s outer perimeter with an incense stick, looking for leaky spots where the smoke wavers.
  • Test batteries – You should test the batteries in your carbon dioxide and smoke detectors twice a year. Many homeowners routinely test these devices in the fall and spring at the Daylight Savings Time change as a convenient way to ensure proper safety.
  • Inspect the basement – If your house has a basement, this is the perfect time to inspect for loose frames, cracked window panes or drafts. Each of these defects can have a significant impact on your home’s efficiency.
  • Clean and disinfect humidifiers – Dangerous spores and bacteria can build up in a humidifier’s water tank. Empty, clean, and disinfect the water tank and clean or replace any filters currently in use.
  • Schedule routine maintenance  The HVAC professionals at Sherlock Plumbing, Heating & Air provide comprehensive routine maintenance. You can trust our professionals to inspect your entire HVAC system for efficiency and to identify and maintain any areas in need of repair.


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