Is Summer the Right Time to Replace Your Heater?

Get Your Home Ready for Winter – Replace Your Heater in the Summer!


Summer fun and sun probably don’t conjure up thoughts about heater replacements. However, there are several reasons why this time of year—with the birds singing and the air conditioner humming in the background—may actually be the best time to think about upgrading your heating system.


Is It Time For A Change?


Furnace life expectancy varies according to how well the unit’s maintained plus the local climate and average annual days of operation. Generally speaking, a gas-fired furnace that is standard in most residences today can be expected to last 15 to 20 years. As that time frame elapses, heating performance can decline, and furnace energy efficiency may no longer meet current standards, causing higher monthly bills. Increasing wear and tear often forces decisions about whether to invest more money in expensive repairs or upgrade now to a new, more reliable and efficient unit.

Here are some more reasons that this summer may be the best time to consider heater replacements:

  • Off-season prices and selection. Once the weather starts cooling down, furnace demand will increase and prices naturally rise. In summer, conversely, demand is low, dealers offer more attractive prices to keep volume up and a wider selection of units—including last year’s models at substantial discount—is available.
  • Taking your time. Summer weather offers time to shop around and consider all the available options at your convenience. Conversely, if you put off replacing a heater until it unexpectedly fails during the coming winter, you’ll probably be under pressure to make a snap decision. That’s never the best time to shop.
  • Maybe you want a package deal? Central air conditioners typically have a shorter expected service life than a gas-fired furnace. If your A/C unit has also seen better days, replacing both the furnace and the air conditioner at the same time may be the most viable option as well as get you a better deal. Unit prices may be lower and installation costs less when you are replacing the entire system.

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