Lessen the Load on Your Heating System

It’s the nature of heat energy to move from a warmer to a cooler place. So, if your home is buttoned up for energy efficiency, heat loss will be much slower. This means your heating system doesn’t have to work as hard and you may save money with lower energy bills.

Additionally, less work and stress on your heating system typically means fewer repairs and a longer lifespan. Take a load off of your heating system this season with these practical tips!

Air Sealing

Air infiltration through your home’s envelope causes drafts and higher energy bills. Feel for drafts around all entry doors. Apply new silicone weatherstripping if needed. Door sweeps work well to stop drafts under your doors. Foam weatherstripping works well to seal the attic door to prevent heat from seeping through.

Add Insulation

The federal Energy Star program suggests that attics in the greater San Diego area be insulated from R-30 to R-60. At the very least, insulation should cover the joists and be as thick as 15 inches for fiberglass insulation.

Before you add insulation, seal attic air leaks with caulk and a can of expanding spray-in foam.

Air Ducts

Your air ducts are vulnerable to leaks and obstructions, which can result in substantial heat loss. Seal your leaky ducts with an aerosol sealant or mastic paste, and wrap joints with metal tape.

Window Treatments

Windows generally have low R-values and can be a source for a substantial amount of heat gain/loss. Consider the following window treatments to lower your home’s load:

  • Heavy drapes may be adjusted to block or allow sunlight into your home. During the day, open drapes on sun-struck windows. Close the drapes in the evening.
  • Shades are available in many styles and designs and offer the advantages of being adjustable, too.
  • Shutters and panels are two of the most energy-efficient window treatments available.
  • Awnings can add charm to your home and lessen the burden on your furnace.

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