Reasons to Choose a Heat Pump

Whenever you’re faced with replacing your HVAC system, you’re also faced with an opportunity to increase your home’s efficiency. Sure, paying for a new cooling or heating system hurts the pocketbook, but it can also be an investment in a future with lower utility bills.

One of the most efficient HVAC systems around is the heat pump. Electric-powered heat pumps also offer clean heating and cooling technology and can heat or cool the home quietly and gently, without that big blast of air you’ve become accustomed to with forced air systems.

So read on and discover more about the heat pump.


How Heat Pumps Work


Heat pumps come in three modes: air source, ground source and water source. Most homeowners install air source heat pumps.

Air source heat pumps provide cooling in a way very similar to the air conditioner. Refrigerant moves between an outdoor compressor to indoor coils, where the refrigerant absorbs the heat in the home. A fan cools off the refrigerant, producing cool air that is circulated through the ductwork, while the refrigerant is pumped back to the compressor to repeat the process.

For heating, the process is reversed, with the refrigerant absorbing heat from the outdoor air, and moving it indoors. This process works well with outdoor temperatures down to the mid to lower 30s. With lower temperatures, the heat pump defaults to an electric resistance system that can be pricey to operate for long periods. That’s why heat pumps are a good bet for more temperate climates like ours, for heating or cooling.


Benefits of a Heat Pump


In addition to the benefits mentioned above heat pumps are known for the following:

  • They can reduce electricity use for heating by as much as 50 percent, when compared to furnaces or baseboard heating.
  • High-efficiency heat pumps dehumidify better than central A/Cs, so there’s less energy usage and more comfort.
  • Heat pumps are available in ductless models, making them convenient for add-ons or spaces where ducts haven’t been installed.

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