Safeguard Your Home With These Security Tips


Taking a vacation this summer? An empty home can be a red flag for burglars, plus it means nobody is there to take action if a problem arises. These tips can help safeguard your home while you’re enjoying a change of scenery.

Leave your A/C on. It’s important to leave your A/C on when you’re away. Burglars know what to look for when targeting a home. When they notice the A/C isn’t cycling on and off, it’s a sign the house is vacant. If you have pets and/or indoor plants, the A/C will maintain a temperature that’s healthy for them. Lastly, your HVAC unit manages the humidity levels in your home. Your A/C also helps to prevent mold, which can compromise indoor air quality.

Raise the thermostat. Even though your A/C is on, you can elevate the thermostat a bit in order to save money. Consider changing the program on your thermostat to reflect the temperature you use when nobody is home during the day. Extend it so that this temperature persists 24/7 while you’re gone.

Emergency contact list. Leave an emergency contact list with a neighbor. This list should include the numbers where you can be reached and numbers of a close friend/relative in case there’s an emergency. Other important numbers include a veterinarian if you have pets, or your HVAC contractor in case problems arise with your system while you’re away.

Lock doors/windows. The best way to safeguard your home is to make sure all doors, windows, and sliders are shut tight and locked. Double check the kids’ rooms and bathrooms.

Business as usual. Try to make it appear as if people are home by keeping the lawn mowed and watered, Enlist the help of a neighbor or friend to pick up the mail daily, take in the paper, and remove the trash bins after trash day.

Social media safety. Don’t post anything pertaining to your vacation on a social media network. Make sure your children abstain as well. Otherwise, you’re broadcasting, “Nobody’s home!”


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