Myths About Ductless System

Despite the continuing increase in residential installations, ductless technology myths linger. Sales of ductless mini-split heat pumps consistently account for about 10 percent of the HVAC market share in many states. High efficiency and low impact installation make ductless systems an attractive option for conditioning single rooms or limited spaces within a house, without the need for costly and labor-intensive ductwork.

So why do ductless technology myths keep hanging on? Here are some common misconceptions about ductless heat pumps, as well as the actual facts of the matter:


Myth #1:

Noise is a problem. Not with today’s new technology. Mini splits currently marketed utilize a variable speed blower in the indoor component. This advanced system runs at lower speed and air output and is almost silent. Because it runs almost continuously across a range of speeds, the blower makes less noise than single-speed, on/off fans. It also circulates air more consistently to eliminate temperature swings.

Myth #2:

Maintenance requirements are demanding. This is not an issue. The fact is, a ductless mini-split heat pump imposes no more upkeep requirements than a standard central heating and air conditioning system. The basics are the same: professional preventive maintenance at the outset of the heating and cooling seasons, then regular monthly air filter changes.

Myth #3:

Average expected service life of a ductless unit is shorter than a central A/C or window unit. Actually, it’s the opposite. Ductless technology runs more efficiently and sustains less wear and tear than conventional systems. With an average service life of 20 years or more, a ductless mini-split outlasts the typical window unit with a 10-year lifespan as well as a central A/C and furnace with a combined average of about 15 years.

Myth #4:

Indoor components stick out. Actually, the indoor half of a mini-split, incorporating the cooling and heating coil and system blower, is housed in a very low-profile, inconspicuous unit mounted on a wall. A choice of stylish housings are available to make the unit conform with your existing decor.

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