Set Your Home on Vacation Mode Before Your Trip

Man standing outside of tiny home at sunset.

Going on vacation this year? If so, you no doubt will be making a list of things you need to square away on the home front before you depart. Don’t forget to include some vacation HVAC prep in your plans. Good planning is the best deterrent for coming home to an uncomfortable surprise. Read on, for advice about HVAC preparation for your summer get-away.


Setting the Thermostat


Most likely, you will want to keep your air conditioner running while you’re away on summer vacation. You can set it a few degrees higher than you would if you were home, but low enough so your plants or pets are kept cool, and so that your electronics don’t fry from overheating.

If you have a Wi-fi thermostat, you will most likely be able to tell if something has gone wrong with your air conditioner and it’s not cooling properly — in which case, you can contact the HVAC company to arrange a repair.


Checking on the A/C


Air conditioners can break down at the most inopportune times. That’s why you need to arrange for someone to check your home, particularly if you have pets or plants. Your friend should have instructions either to contact you or your HVAC tech asap. You will need to have someone available who can let the service person in your home.


Condensate Drain


Another issue to watch out for is an overflowing condensate drain. Sometimes these drains get plugged up and condensation from the coils may overflow, puddling on floors and damaging carpets, baseboards, ceilings or walls. Have your friend check around the A/C to make sure everything looks dry, and that there are no dripping sounds issuing from the interior cabinet.


Preventative Maintenance


The best preparation you can make is to schedule preventive maintenance on your A/C before you leave home. This can help catch any minor issues before they turn into major repairs. Also, change the air filter before you go.


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