Top Mobile Apps All Homeowners Need

Mobile apps have come home. Many smartphone and tablet apps now help you manage your household and the home’s physical infrastructure to keep you on a maintenance schedule, guide you through how-to projects and help plan home improvements. Managing house and home is easier when you can utilize mobile apps to organize short-term and long-term priorities as well as access professional expertise. Here are some of the leading mobile apps on the home front:

  • HomeSavvy helps you schedule home maintenance tasks. Repetitive chores such as yard and garden work, keeping track of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and scheduling professional service like annual HVAC preventive maintenance are easily entered. The app then sends you reminder alerts and includes prompts for products at local businesses you may need to get the job done.
  • Billminder won’t let you forget. Paying bills can be hard enough but remembering to do so is sometimes challenging, too. When household bills mount up, Billminder sends you alerts to remind you of due dates. It can also help you set-up autopay options for applicable monthly bills.
  • Photo Measures measures up. When thinking about remodels or home improvements, an actual photo image with measurements added greatly aids in planning and visualizing alterations. Photo Measures lets you take a high-resolution image of any room and then write in relevant measurements anywhere in the photo.
  • Fix My AC keeps your cool. If your air conditioning system lets you down this summer, Fix My AC provides some simple DIY troubleshooting you can try to restore cool comfort. It also lets you know when its time to call in qualified professional air conditioning service to take repair to the next level.
  • How Your House Works is a learning experience. For a primer on home functions like plumbing, HVAC and electrical, this app gives you basic theory and application as well as instructions for common DIY tasks. Illustrations, diagrams and other know-how make it easy.
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